Instead of simply flying back to Germany after my little Shanghai adventure, I took the chance and spend some amazing days in Bali and Singapore – 5 days Bali and 3 days Singapore. Working for 3 months in another country also means that you have some stuff, ok A LOT of stuff to carry with you so I knew that this is not going to be a backpacking-kind of vacation. All I wanted was to relax and do some sightseeing. And that’s exactly what I did 🙂 My hotel was the Artotel and opened in June 2016.

It is located in Sanur on the east side of Bali. The hotel staff was very friendly and the rooms had an artistic style. I had some clouds over my bed and loved it. But my favorite spot was the infinity pool on the rooftop. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun. Well, I enjoyed the sun a little bit too much on my first day and got a very very bad sunburn.

Perfect timing to do some sightseeing on the countryside. Actually, my first plan was to go to the western side of Bali to stay at some beaches, but my driver convinced me to go to Ubud instead. I’ve already heard that Ubud is a MUST when you’re in Bali. Now I know why. It has so much to offer. In Ubud you can get a real feeling of the Balinese culture which is very inspiring. So I ended up with two tours to Ubud within these five days. During the first tour, we visited a family that produced silver and gold items like souvenirs and jewelry, and a coffee plantation.

That’s a typical tour from Sanur to Ubud. You pay the driver a fixed price and he shows you different places on the way to your destination. Of course, it’s made for tourists, but it was still pretty cool to see 🙂  My main destination on my first tour was the famous monkey forest located in the middle of Ubud. Yes, it is full of tourists but still definitely worth a visit. I could have taken pictures of them all day.

On my second tour I went to see the rice terrace in Tegalalang. This is also something I would definitely recommend to see. There is actually a trail you can walk along. So you really can spend some time there.

The second stop was at the Goa Gajah Temple, also known as the Elephant Cave. A very old temple area. Unfortunately it rained quite heavy and of course I had no umbrella with me. But a lady from a souvenir shop borrowed me her umbrella. I should have known that this was not only an act of kindness, but a trick to get me into buying something from her store. After I refused, she wanted me to pay for taking her umbrella. So I gave her a some money for the umbrella and we both could go on with our own lives. The temple was nice to visit, but I would not go there a second time. I’m pretty sure that Bali has more fascinating temples than that.


Another thing I would like to share with you was my trip to Gili Air. Gili Air is part of the Gili Islands, a group of very very small islands called Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. It is very uncommon to go there for a day trip but as I did not have enough time and way too much luggage, I did it anyway. The boat leaves in the morning and takes around 2-2,5 hours to Gili Air and goes back somewhen in the afternoon. So I only had a couple of hours which was perfect to walk around the whole island. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to go snorkeling but it was good enough to get a first impression. What can I say, turquoise water, white sand, beach bars…Next time, I will definitely stay there for a few nights.

On my way back, I got the chance to stay on top of the boat with a couple of others. And thanks to our late start, we were cruising right into the sunset. It was simply breathtaking. It seemed like the world stopped turning for a moment. And then the waves came in and brought as back to reality in no time. One wave after the other caught us and we all were soaking wet. There was also no chance to go back inside the boat as it was way too shaky. So I ended up trying to save my backpack that carried my newly bought camera and my mobile phone by trying to cover it with my body (I was convinced they were broken but surprisingly they survived!). Yeah, that’s the price the cool kids have to pay just because they wanted to sit on top of a boat. Sometimes, karma is a b**** 🙂 Still, I would do it again any time!!!

As always, time was flying and five days were over faster than ever. Even though I did not see much of Bali I absolutely fall in love with its culture, the food and the Balinese art. There is no doubt that I will go back there sometime. The Balinese are one of the most friendly people I’ve ever met which is probably partly based in their religion – the Balinese hinduism. The key belief of Balinese hinduism is the never-ending cycle of reincarnation. Little side fact: the majority of Indonesia’s population is Muslim.

Bali, it was an honor to be your guest. I will come back for sure!